Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is  famous for his martial arts and philosophy. Still he is popular all around world, instead of his death. His popularity don’t confined with a single country rather commonly respected and not limited to particular country, religion or race. His philosophy is based on inner self. Attention to inner self and propagate self according to changes of outer world. It cannot be achieved in a single day rather continuous practice.His water theory is a direction that how to control your mind. Flexibility of mind can be a great asset for success.

Always be yourself, have faith in yourself and express yourself was his motto. He pointed out self as mind. Controlling mind is basis of his philosophy. Adjustment of inner self with divine force is the key of success. It can be ended with a happy smile. Instead of martial artist, Bruce Lee  can be recognize as a great philosopher.

Bruce Lee with his family, 1940

Bruce Lee with his family, 1940

Bruce Lee was born in  San Francisco’s Chinatown on November 27, 1940. It was a Chinese hospital at Jackson Street . He was born in the year of Dragon, Blessed by the auspicious star and people under the Dragon sign will have stably improved luck and  wealth. According to Chinese tradition, Dragon is a symbol of fortuitous.

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